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Dmitry Silaev: "Off-season is always hard work" >>>

Dmitry Silaev: "Off-season is always hard work" # Armwrestling #

It would seem it is necessary to stay in gym days and nights to fight at a high level in the heavyweight class. How does a talented athlete from Russia Dmitry Silaev spend the off-season? ()

Almost all athletes have a period when they can relax and rest the body. Dmitry Silaev supports this statement:

"I think that in every sport athletes have such a thing as off-season. Otherwise, how can they improve their strength?"

Each spends the offseason in his own way, someone gives a complete rest, and someone develops in other directions. Dmitry in the offseason prefers to continue training with the aim of continuous improvement:

"Off-season for me is intensive work, elimination of weaknesses, if necessary – changes of fighting techniques and other aspects. During trainings in the off-season I gain strength, healing injuries, and, in general, I try to enjoy workouts.

I go gradually in the training process after a rest, starting with small weights with a consequent increase".

Athletes need rest. Dima’s rest period is modest:

"During the year I have a month of complete rest from training for my body and a week of rest after the competition. In order to prepare a competitive shape, I need at least two months of training".

"Now I'm in the stage of preparation for the championship of Russia. This tournament will be the starting point, according to the results I will determine the sports competition schedule for 2017".

As you can see, Dmitry Silaev does not lose time in vain. Soon we will see him at the table of the Russian Championship. Hopefully, thanks to this responsible approach to employment, Dmitry will show the highest level in the European and world championships. Stay with us and stay tuned to

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