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Michael Todd: “I train year round” >>>

Michael Todd: “I train year round” # Armwrestling #

There are some sportsmen, who prefer to take a rest before the competition season, but Michael Todd prefers not. Year-round work at the gym helps Michael to keep fit and increase his body strength. ()

Michael, how do you think what is the difference between off-season and preparation period?

– I don't really have an off season, I pretty much train year round. The only thing I do through the winter months is I allow myself more frequent cheat meals.

How do you go out of the off-season to preparation?

– When preparing for a match, I try to keep my nutrition clean & make sure I get enough rest.

Do you give your usual load in one moment or step by step?

– If I don't have a match for a few months, I'll usually increase the weight that I'm training with so, I can increase my strength.

How are your workouts in the out-of competition?

– I normally use heavier weights. I focus mainly on strengthening my weaknesses!

How much is necessary to you to prepare for regular competition?

– Usually, it takes 4-6 weeks.

For what competition do you prepare now?

– I will be competing at the Arnold Classic March 3-4 & then I will compete in Italy March 25, but my main preparation is for my upcoming Vendetta with Pushkar sometime after the Europeans.

We hope that training system of Michael Todd will help him to reach the highest leve at competitions he plans to visit. We’ll tell you about the freshest news from the Arnold Classic and Italian Supermatches, so stay tuned!

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