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The medical profession is an advantage for an athlete >>>

The medical profession is an advantage for an athlete # Armwrestling #

A couple of years ago we presented you the story that you can make the unusual, using unusual arm strength. We had the opportunity to talk with Vyacheslav Karpov, who works as a doctor. What does he do with his superstrong arms? ()

Vyacheslav  has a great sports experience and very important job. Vyacheslav is a vascular surgeon. Does armwrestling interfere this fine work, and how vascular surgery helps in the sport?

Vyacheslav, tell us about yourself. What place does sport occupy in your life?

- I am vascular surgeon. I do sports most of my adult life. First it was football, then powerlifting and, finally, armwrestling!

I began to pull at the competition since 2005. It was possible to take part at almost all Russian tournaments of central region, at the European and world championships and professional tournaments - Nemiroff World Cup, A1 Russian Open, Top-8 in Bulgaria. Somewhere I pulled well, somewhere – not very. But I always managed to combine sport with studies, then - with the work.

Why did you choose arm wrestling?

- Arm wrestling, in my opinion, optimally combines the major sporting qualities - strength, speed and endurance, forms, like any sport, strong nature and willpower.

You have a difficult profession – doctor.

Does it give you an advantage in terms of sports?

- I think sport is very important for a doctor. Doctor - is an example of physical and spiritual health. Knowledge of physiology, biochemistry, anatomy, of course, helps the growth of sports. Therefore, a medical profession is an advantage for an athlete. In 2010, I was able to win gold of the Russian Championship, and in 2011 - to defend my thesis.

During the active fights I could be injured. Only my experience helped to avoid injuries.

Do other athletes ask you for help?

- Mostly guys ask for help in case of injuries of ulnar collateral ligament.

Do you have any advice for universal armrestlerov?

- A universal advice for armrestlers is probably always warm up, do not rush with weights and constantly and methodically train!

Vyacheslav has kindly agreed to help us with advice about armrestlers injuries. Therefore, you can ask a question that you are interested in in the comments to this article, and we will try to know the answer, which you can read in the following materials on

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