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Dmitry Trubin: "I need to take a short break" >>>

Dmitry Trubin: "I need to take a short break" # Armwrestling #

After the end of the sports season in 2016, the tops of professional arm wrestling left to cure their wounds, but not Dmitry Trubin. ()

Already this year he managed to pull at several major tournaments, which pleased his fans. And this is all despite the fact that on the Zloty Tour he was injured and after that he was engaged in the restoration and strengthening of the body.

The most recent Dmitry’s competition is an armwrestling tournament that took place at the Arnold Classic sports festival in the USA and was remembered by a beautiful fight with Michael Todd:

"I planned to pull at American Arnold in advance, but it turned out that before the trip I had a cold and I did not have time to recover from the illness. I got a cold on the eyes of the cold. I am still recovering from my illness, in general, the trip turned out to be difficult. A few days before the flight, there was an idea not to go, but money was allocated for this trip and our team flew there, so I decided to go and fight. I consider my figths to be normal, and if I take into account the situation I was in, I can say that I pulled well".

The athlete came to US not alone, but with a whole team that showed an excellent fight:

"In Columbus we went with my coach Ahmed Aliyev and the students - Ekaterina Lyakhova and Elvira Mendalieva. The girls performed well, Elvira tried to lose weight, she couldn’t pull it the category of 65 kg, because of one extra kilo, and she performed adequately in the category of up to 80 kg. Regarding Katya, I can say that we were all set to win, and she fulfilled all her tasks.

In addition to the girls, the boys also performed – Vali Faradzhov became the third, for him these competitions turned out to be difficult. Vali rested after the Worlds and did not have time to prepare a good shape. Zair Ahmedov performed well, he fought beautifully and won first place. Rustam Malikov is also a fine fellow. Our whole team performed well. Of course, my illness made itself felt, but I gave a good fight to Michael Todd and lost not physically, but tactically. But I'm not going to seek excuses, and next time I will show the best form and result".

In addition to his own development, Dmitry is a coach and now he is preparing his students for the upcoming championship:

"Now I'm a little out of coaching. I have students and a part of the time I give to them. On the nose of the Asian championship, so I now train more than I train myself.

In 2017 I would perform, but I removed several tournaments from my schedule. Last time I have a lot of traveling, and I noticed that my shape does not get better, but on the contrary, it starts to become worse. Therefore, I need to take a short break and let the body rest. I need to fully recover from injuries and strengthen the immune system. I do not want to repeat the situation that happened before Arnold. On this I'm not going to stop, I'm not going to finish my career and I know that in the future I can show good results. So I will continue to work, train and popularize our sport. By the next tournament I plan to put a good shape".

We wish Dmitry a speedy recovery and will wait for him again in the case. Stay tuned and watch the news on

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