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Mariam Mahmoud: “I started to do armwrestling on my own” >>>

Mariam Mahmoud: “I started to do armwrestling on my own” # Armwrestling #

What is it like to be an arm-wrestler girl in Egypt? ()

Stunning resilience and strength of mind, which the Egyptian armwrestler Mariam Mahmud has, surprises. This girl was able to prepare alone for the main start – the Worlds-2016, and the bronze medal is indicative of the effectiveness. What is it like to be an arm-wrestler girl in Egypt?

Tell about yourself, please. What do you do out of sports?

– My name is Mariam, I am 18 years old and I mostly don't love to do anything in my life except for sports. Even in education – I will be going to Physical Education University because I love to read and know about sports since I was young.

How did you meet armwrestling? Why did you decide that you want to do this sport?

– I was a weightlifter and lifted good weights, but injuries chased me and I couldn't complete in weightlifting, I knew that armwrestling was a sport in our club and I was so happy as I was a good armwrestler too genetically! I chose these sports because I was strong since youth when I first touched weights I was 13 years old 45 kg and deadlifted 70 kg. Well, my mother was with me at the worlds she was so happy to see me on the stage with a medal.

What is your biggest achievement in armwrestling?

– My biggest achievement in armwrestling is 3rd place at worlds in junior category, it was so good because I train on my own since I started this sport all alone, and started 1 year ago only.

Tell about your workouts, please.

– I have no coach I train on my own and unfortunately I don't have a table until now. So I train with weights at home and sometimes at gym. That's what I can currently do and trying to use anything available. I love sparring at the table but I don't have the chance to pull a lot with people I see armwrestling table only at nationals.

What are your aims and plans?

– I aim to be a world champion in 21 years. This year I'm preparing so good with a new coach and I hope everything goes well!

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