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Turkish National Championships: review >>>

Turkish National Championships: review # Armwrestling #

The level of this year Nationals was lower, - assures us Engin Terzi. What's the reason? ()

The level was lower than the usual as many of the top pullers did not participate this year’s nationals. Arif Ertem, Ferit Osmanli, Serhat Arslan, myself, Vedat Bozbey, Ayhan Beyazıt, Sahip Çağlar have been the past champions but some like myself were retired, some were injured and some wanted to take a brake from armwrestling.

Said Erkam Bıyıkoğlu and Emre Albaş were the superstars of the event as both of these pullers won U21 Class with left hand (skipped U21 right hand) and also won the seniors with right and left hands.

Another amazing guy was Hamza Ziypak who is only 22 years but won the senior 80kg with right and left hands. I predict him to be a future world champion. He is very well rounded puller with amazing endurance. His genetics is great for armwrestling and his passion is second to none. For many years I have been following him. He had great toprolling style, he can pull in hook successfully as well but the way him to go to pin pad was a bit problematic.

This year he developed side pressure to his abilities and now he seems to have a very bright future. Soon or late he will cause huge problems in whatever category he pulls, mark my words.

Emrah Okçu who is 23 years old, won 75 kg class right and left hand without much problems, he will be a force at Europeans and Worlds as well.

Oguzhan Koçak who is the current 80kg WAF and EAF champion won 85kg class without any problems.

Unal Türker won 3 golds and 1 silver medal in masters and seniors division.

Tuncay Başaran came and won 100kg class right and left hand. Mainly I can say that U21 pullers and the pullers who just stepped into senior class started to win majority of the senior classes.

Of course many of the top pullers being absent is part of the reason but still it was good to see new champions. This year’s European Championships’ date is meeting the dates with important exams in Turkey and there may not be a high level participation from Turkey. I am expecting a better team for the WAF than the Europeans for this reason.

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