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Evgeny Prudnik: "My former shape returns" >>>

Evgeny Prudnik: "My former shape returns" # Armwrestling #

Evgeny Prudnik pulled at the Ukrainian Championship in the category of up to 90 kg. He confidently took the first two places and was selected to the national team for participation in international tournaments. ()

Evgeny began to train for the next season barely back from the World Championship in Bulgaria:

"I began to prepare for the new season immediately after taking part at the Worlds-2016. I did not have time to rest, I continued to train. I worked on bugs and fixed them. Also during the recovery period after the injury, I got a few weak points, I also worked on and dealt with them. And at the World Championship I checked myself in the fight against good athletes for readiness".

Speaking about Evgeny’s fights at the Ukrainian Championship, he is in good shape. He wrestled with the strongest athletes of the country, experienced himself and concluded:

"At the Ukrainian championship I was very surprised by young Igor Okara, he pulled well on both hands. While pulling on the left hand with him, I felt that he is strong not only in toprol, but also fights well in hook. But he has weaknesses, I found them and used them. He's still young enough, so I think he will become a champion later. I was also surprised that he gave a good fight on the right hand with Ivan Lukyanchuk, because Ivan has a very strong hook. I would also like to note the fight between Ivan Lukyanchuk and Petr Margarint on the right hand, we all watched the fight, and it was interesting. I noticed that Petr did not fight Ivan with his crown technique – a hook, he showed the fight with biceps, stretched out his angle and won. If the struggle between them was a clean hook, it would be very interesting, and I do not know who would have come out as the winner.

It turned out that I didn’t met with Ivan, it would be interesting to compete with him. In the finals, I met with Petr Margarint, which I toprolled from the start in the preliminary matches, because I know that he often sleeps the start. In the final, I decided to try my right arm for strength. Petr is very strong in the hooks, and I wanted to try to fight in his style, I gave him a start and a hook. I did not pin him at the moment, but in the end I won. After my struggle, I realized where I need to add to the European Championship".

Finally, we can say that Evgeny Prudnik completely recovered from the injury:

"Yes, I can say that the trauma does not bother me now. I struggle and feel that my former shape is returning, I think that in the future it will only get better. Frankly, before the start of the fight on the right hand felt a weakness, and because of this there was a fear that I was in bad shape, and the hand was not yet completely ready, but after the first fight I realized that everything is in order".

The next start of Eugene is the European Championship in Poland. Further, if the working schedule allows him, he will take part in other prestigious tournaments:

"This year I will try to participate in all top tournaments. Priority tournaments for me are the World and European Championships, and if everything goes well with the theatrical schedule, then I will perform there".

The European Championship is coming, which means that soon we will see Evgeny again in the fight against the best pullers of Europe. Stay tuned and watch the news on

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