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Dominik Zaorski – a young champion! >>>

Dominik Zaorski – a young champion! # Armwrestling #

It seems that the representative of the Polish team UKS "Szesnastka" Dominik Zaorski, is the youngest prize-winner in arm-wrestling, speaking about the big championships in Poland. For example, and the category of junior-18 in Szczyrk with his participation there was "fire"! ()

In juniors-18 years on the left hand among the six athletes Dominic was third, as in the fight on the right.

Before that he fought in the category of disabled, and there it was more difficult. His rivals – Maciej Graalak, David Lapa and Patryk Weterle – were impassable. But that's for now, because Dominik's career is just beginning.

Before he started fighting at the armwrestling table, he fought for his life. He was born with cerebral palsy, because of sepsis he spent several days in the intensive care unit... doctors gave him very few chances. He could lose – but won. He could not walk - but walk! And of course, no one thought that he could win medals in sports competitions.

But the parents and relatives were with him. They believed and planned...

He won the fight for life and movement. Today Dominic, though on crutches, but walks alone, without help! Nevertheless, he fights for even greater efficiency, and parents believe that someday Dominic can walk absolutely independently.

And here comes armwrestling! Sports, which many people forced to re-believe in their strength. Sport, where people with special needs can fight with their healthy peers on equal and win. But first...


Several years ago, Dominik and his father came to the club of Jaroslav Zvolak. They did it more for pleasure. Damian Zaorski, the boy's father, hardly knew anything about armwrestling. But Jarek Zvolak noted that this child has something! Something useful in our sport – very strong hands and grip. He said that Dominic should try to do armwrestling.

And he tried!

Sports, armwrestling training, additional training and rehabilitation takes most of Dominik’s free time and brings him joy. The opportunity to compete with rivals adds strength, faith in his abilities, and this is a reward for his efforts.

Dominik trains almost 8-9 times a week to strengthen muscles and psyche. He won an arm wrestling tournament at his school, where he became the first among his peers, and in the open category he took third place. This is the beginning of a career.

In my opinion - Dominik is already a hero and an example for everyone! We look forward to his further achievements and success!


Dominik’s Father performs in extreme cross-country racing, but I think that soon will fight at the table.

In this situation, Dominik could soon become an inspiration for parents and many others, he proves that thanks to hard work and perseverance, a dream comes true. We are waiting for him at the championships of Europe and the world.

Good luck!

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