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Serious plans by Ayder Alidinov >>>

Serious plans by Ayder Alidinov # Armwrestling #

At the last championship of Ukraine in the category up to 100 kg Ayder Alidinov from Crimea took part. Ayder traditionally showed a high level of pulling and predictably became the absolute champion in his weight category. Once again, spectators and fans of arm-wrestling celebrated composure, concentration and calmness at the table of this athlete. ()

During the last competitive season, Ayder took part in almost all major starts - the national championship, the European championship and the World championship. But despite the busy season, Ayder did not take long breaks and continued to develop:

"After the World championship I had a rest period, it lasted about a week. After I started training, I took light, preparatory training for about a month. Then I slowly began to develop in the training process, it took one more month. This can be called my off-season".

Ayder began preparations for the championship of Ukraine and for the new season in advance, as the professional believes:

"It took about two months to prepare for the Ukrainian championship. During this period, I almost reached the phase of overtraining, but the experience of the past years helped me. I changed the load of workouts and even cut their number in a week's cycle. I tried to keep good shape well, and it is not only about physical component, but about many other important factors. Speaking about my own assessment, I always believe that I can do better. At the time of the competition my weight was 96 kg".

As the athlete said, physical training is only a part and there are other important factors. One of these factors is the ability to correctly prepare for their potential rivals technically, by studying their pulling style.

And this aspect Ayder paid a lot of attention:

"Speaking about my rivals at the Ukrainian championship I can say that everyone was worthy, this is a sport and one can not underestimate anyone. I expected tougher fights, unfortunately, some of the rivals I was expecting to meet were missing. I prepared for my possible opponents in advance; I assumed who can pull in the category based on the results of the 2016. I watched their level of training and, based on this, built my training plan. I can not say that someone surprised me, I expected more. I will note a duel with Mger Musaelyan, I knew that it would be difficult with him and he will have to fight for endurance. I treated this fight as a good sparring. I did not have a goal to win in principle, just wanted to see how I can take care of one of the best hooks in Ukraine, for me the outcome turned out to be positive".

Also, Ayder shared his further sports plans:

"The plans, in fact, are serious, but so far they only apply to the European Championships. Let's see what happens there, and based on the results, I will prepare for the World championship. Until I pass these two stages, I can not say anything about other tournaments".

The European Championship is just around the corner, so we wish Ayder luck and expect the highest places on the pedestal from him. And what do you think about the appearance of Ayder in the international championships in 2017? Stay tuned, write comments and watch the news on

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