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Dawid Bartosiewicz: “I'm ready for this fight!” >>>

Dawid Bartosiewicz: “I'm ready for this fight!” # Armwrestling #

In November, at the professional world championship Zloty Tur 2017 will also be presented fights Vendetta All Stars. In one of them we will see the Polish puller Dawid Bartosiewicz, who will fight with the Brazilian Eduardo Tiete. ()

Both wrestlers wrestled with each other.

David, tell us first about the first fight with Eduardo...

Dawid Bartosiewicz: I lost the first fight with Tiete with a score of 5: 1 in Las Vegas. Then the offer to pull was unexpected, I had already started preparing for the "Zloty Tour" after a six-month break in the sport. Was I ready or not ready for Tiete at that time - it did not matter.


Dawid Bartosiewicz: Such proposals could not be rejected! At all! The decision was made very quickly and we flew to the States. I swallowed bad luck, quickly forgot about it and just waited for the time for revenge.

And now it's time...

Dawid Bartosiewicz: Well, now it's 2017 and I again have an offer to pull with Tiete in Poland. As soon as I found out about this from Igor Mazurenko, I immediately agreed. We need to settle scores, I will fight for the honor, to show that I have not slept these two years.

Dawid, we know that you've worked hard on yourself these two years.

So tell us - what kind of Dawid will we see in Rumia?

Dawid Bartosiewicz: I assure fans and friends that this will be a new, better Dawid than the one you knew before!

Fighting spirit?

Dawid Bartosiewicz: Fighting! Although I can not predict anything. I do not underestimate Tiete, he's more experienced and very famous athlete with big titles. But you can be sure that I will be very different from Dawid, who was in Vegas. I will definitely be much stronger, and I will definitely do my best to win for Poland and for myself.

I will be on my land, there will come many friends who will support me. I am very motivated and focused on preparation.

Will you pull at the Polish Cup next week?

Dawid Bartosiewicz: Yes, it will be my last stop before the fight. I hope that everything will go as planned without injury, and on November 18 I will fully prepare for Tiete.

David, we are looking forward to the match. Thanks for the interview.

Dawid Bartosiewicz: Cheers everyone!



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