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Dmitry Silaev: "It will be definitely difficult at the Zloty Tur" >>>

Dmitry Silaev: "It will be definitely difficult at the Zloty Tur" # Armwrestling #

Dmitry Silaev this year missed the European Championship, but he pulled at the World Championship. Before the championship, he said that he was seriously preparing and would show one of his best forms. And it turned out exactly as Dmitry promised, at the World Championships he became second on the left hand and first on the right. Now we are waiting for him on the Zloty Tor, but before that we will see his one more performance at the international level. ()

Have you already recovered from the Worlds?

- Hello all readers of the! After the Worlds I did not need to recover, because my fights turned out to be very fast. Thank God, I was not injured this year. As soon as I had returned from the Worls, just three days later started training.

Are you planning to perform at the Zloty Tur?

- Yes, I will participate in the Zloty Tur. But, in addition to the professional world cup, I was invited by a respected man and coach of Dmitry Trubin, Ahmed Aliev, for the Asian Cup tournament, which will be held in Taraz. I could not refuse it, especially, he promised to meet me warmly and said that he would control the situation. So soon I will pull at the Asian Cup.

Do you think it will be more difficult for you to pull at the Zloty Tur than at the World Championships?

- I'm already tired of talking about this tournament in terms of seriousness and competition for medals.

Igor Mazurenko and his team "twisted" this tournament to a global scale and it does not need to be represented. This tournament is really a great event in the world of armwrestling, it will definitely be difficult.

What can you say about Vendetta? What armfight for you will be the most interesting?

- Opponents pairs of heavyweights are balanced. About the other pairs I will not say anything, because I mostly watch for heavywights and is not particularly competent about the middleweights, unfortunately. In any case, I'll come as a spectator and as an athlete, I'll see how the history of armwrestling is built before my eyes.

Preparing for serious tournaments is usually a costly process, both in terms of time and effort and financially. Does someone help you in your training?

- Yes, preparation is a costly affair, but for 4 years I have been helping to go to the competitions and prepare for them the director of the SE KraiDEO branch, Yusubov Samed Kurbanovich, if not him, I would have been much less likely to go to international starts.

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