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Gennady Kvikvinya: "It will not be so easy to defeat Tim" >>>

Gennady Kvikvinya: "It will not be so easy to defeat Tim" # Armwrestling #

American Tim Bresnan is good in armfights, and the Georgian armwrestler Gennady Kvikviniya certainly knows this. What can he show the opponent in the fight? ()

- You already know your opponent in Vendetta, how can you characterize him?

- Yes, Tim Bresnan is a very strong and hardy athlete. Of course, he is very experienced, many underestimated him and paid. But I'm 100% ready to fight.

- Have you already started preparing for the fight? What are you focused on when preparing?

- Yes, of course, I'm getting ready. The process of preparation goes is as usual, a lot of pulling at the table. I feel good, but my left hand after the injury at the Worlds aches a bit.

But for me it's not a problem, it'll mend before I’ll pull :)

- Will you change anything in training, depending on the style of Bresnan? What can you oppose to him?

- No, I do not intend to change anything at the moment, I'm universal and I can fight everywhere. I am ready to meet any opponent, so fighting with Tim for me is not a technical problem. Of course, I have my own secrets, and I will show them in the fight.

- Can you share your plan for a duel?

- Oh sure. It will be hot :)

- Do you plan to participate in the Zloty Tur tournament?

- No, I will not fight on the Zloty Tur. I'm preparing specifically for Vendetta and I must win this fight. I would like to compete with other athletes, for example, with Larratt, because he is also universal. But first I need to defeat Tim, and it's not so easy.

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