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Eduardo Tiete: “I will offer very tough fight” >>>

Eduardo Tiete: “I will offer very tough fight” # Armwrestling #

Brazilian Eduardo Tiete and Polish Dawid Bartosiewicz will meet not first time in armfight. Probably it is very hard because they know each other well. Could Eduardo surprise Dawid and pull them? ()

You already know your opponent in Vendetta, what can you say about Dawid Bartosiewicz?

– He is a leading Polish athlete, perhaps, the best up to 86kg in his country in my opinion. When I met him at a table I was able to impose my style and beat him by 5 to 1. But time passed, I followed his evolution. The only certainty, that I have, is that he will offer me a much tougher fight than the first time.

Have you started to prepare for the fight? What are you going to focus on?

– I have 3 months to prepare. Everything is running well. I can get 100% of my best and will offer a very hard fight for him.

Do you learn your opponent's fights while preparing and analyzing your style?

– I think it's important for one athlete to study the style of the other, it plays an important part for both sportsmen. It's not going to be easy for me or him to pull because I will be well-prepared if he tries a toproll or a hook I'll be ready.

Can you share your fighting plan?

– I do not have a plan for this duel. Everything will depend on what he will show me in the first fight. Everything can be changed each next fight.

Do you plan to participate in the Zloty Tour?

– No, I don’t, so far I'm focused only on the Vendetta.

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