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Alma du Plessis: “I am very excited to see what Zloty is” >>>

Alma du Plessis: “I am very excited to see what Zloty is” # Armwrestling #

South African armwrestler Terence Opperman will come to Zloty Tur with a small team this time. Alma du Plessis will be the debutant and from the start of her career she’ll come to the biggest event in the world of armwrestling. What are her expectations? ()

Tell, please, how did you come to armwrestling?

– Michelle Opperman, Terence Opperman's sister, introduced me to armwrestling at the age of 16. I did armwrestling as per occasion due to other sport activities and job commitments. I had very little time to practice or participate, but I started again this year with Terrance Opperman as my mentor & coach.

I have always had a passion for any sport. I chose armwrestling again with the inspiration of Terence Opperman whom I appreciate for all my support and guidance.

How many women do armwrestling in South Africa?

– We do have a lot of competing women champs in South Africa. We always try to encourage more women to participate in this amazing sport.

We try to keep the women's armwrestling count as high as possible

What achievements do you have already?

– I won world armwrestling champion Berdine Muller in 2011 at the South African armwrestling nationals, but have none internationally

What do you do besides armwrestling?

– Well, besides armwrestling I do a bit of farming and run our family business

Will you pull at Zloty Tur?

– Yes, I will pull at Zloty Tur this year. It's my first international armwrestling competition that I will attend to, but hope for many more to come. There is always room for improvement, but with the guidance of Terence I'm sure I can go from strength to strength.

I don't expect any results at this stage in time. I'm very nervous and very excited to see what Zloty is all about.

Who do you consider the most difficult opponent?

– To be honest with you, I don't know who I'll be facing and pulling at the table.

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