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Judgement Day in Budapest >>>

Judgement Day in Budapest # Armwrestling #

14th of October in Budapest, Hungary “Judgement Day” armwrestling tournament was held. ()

Judgement Day is a traditional event, organized by Hungarian Armwresling Federation, this time it was held in 15 time and took place in MomSport hall. There were seven age categories with different weight classes at the competitions.

A representative of Hungarian Federation, Tamas Rausch shared his thoughts about the championship.

Judgement Day is a traditional championship already. Tell, please, its story. When has it started?

– It was the 15th Judgement Day this year. We work together with a company, which organizes a big event called Fittparade. They started it 15 years ago, and from the second year we usually organize with them our international championship. This weekend there were some other championship and shows (fitness, powerlifting, etc...) including armwrestling. I think it can be interesting for the competitors because they can view some interesting things.

Tell, please, about this year tournament. How many sportsmen visited it this time?

– This year we had a bit fear after the world championship, that there will not be a lot competitors. But fortunately, we were 152 competitors from 8 countries, which were not a bad result!

Are you satisfied with this event? What would you probably fix to make it better next time?

– So, we are satisfied about the event and the feedbacks from the competitors are good too. 

Next year we there will be a different audience because the Fittparade will held the same date as the WAC in Turkey, but we are working to find a good place and will organize that championship as well as in the past.

Presence of armwrestling at such sports festivals and expos plays important role in making our sport popular among other people. So, Judgement Day is well-organized event that represent armwrestling. We wish organizers inspiration in keeping this good trend!

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