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Levan Saginashvili will pull at the Zloty Tur! >>>

Levan Saginashvili will pull at the Zloty Tur! # Armwrestling #

Last year, we did not see the Georgian athlete Levan Saginashvili at the table of the Zloty Tur. This year he makes his debut on the Professional Cup! ()

How did you feel after the World Cup? When did you begin to prepare for the Zloty Tur?

- After the Worlds I felt great. Just a week after the championship, I had already started preparing for the Zloty Tur.

How is your preparatory process?

- Preparation and training process are very good. I will be 100% ready for the tournament.

Many have long been waiting for your performance at the Zloty Tur. And what do you expect from this tournament? What results do you expect?

- Yes, everyone has been waiting for a long time, as I have. I was going to come and pull at this tournament last year, but I could not because of a back injury. Now I feel great, and I'm going to the tournament only for winning.

You will have a very heavy category (+105 kg), even though top athletes will fight on Vendetta. Do you think it will be more difficult to fight than at the World Championships?

– Yes, it will be hot in our category. All participants are very strong rivals and I'm sorry that those athletes who will pull at Vendetta, will not participate at Zloty Tur, I would also like to compete with them.

Regarding the level, I can not say for sure, at the World Championships, too, was a very high level. Sometimes prize-winners of the Zloty Tur do not get even in the top ten at the World Championship.

Who do you consider your main rival and why?

- I now do not think about rivals at all, all the participants are worthy and I can not single out one.

Your friend Gennady will pull at Vendetta. Do you help him in training? How would you assess his chances of winning?

- We prepare together with Gennady and regularly pull. His rival is Tim Bresnan, a very strong and experienced fighter, but I think that Gennady will win. This fight will be difficult and, for sure, one of the most interesting on the upcoming Vendetta.

What can you say about the other pairs of Vendetta? Who do you think will be the winner there?

- All the pairs are very interesting and competitive. My predictions are as follows: Rustam Babayev will win Todd Hutchings, Dmitry Trubin will win Dave Chaffee, Michael Todd will win Andrey Pushkar and Gennady will win Tim Bresnan. Definitely these two days will be a real holiday for armwrestling and I am glad that I will become a part of this action. I wish everyone good training and see you in Rumia.

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