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Michael Todd vs Andrey Pushkar by Engin Terzi >>>

Michael Todd vs Andrey Pushkar by Engin Terzi # Armwrestling #

Experts' view on the Vendetta All Stars: Michael Todd vs Andrey Pushkar ()

We all know that either Pushkar will flash Michael or most likely Michael will win once the match stops.

Most of us has minuses and pluses in this sport. Of course, any world level athlete is able to pull in and outside but not many people have this ability to be the very best at it except pullers like Brzenk, Larratt and maybe a few others. Pushkar is known with the perfect beginning followed by a powerful hit. Of course, he has endurance as well but not so well rounded during the match while Michael is a defensive puller and his defence is as good as Pushkar’s offense. Michael wins most of the matches that he stops his opponents’ first hit while he lost against a few pullers even though he stopped them after the go. Brzenk, Larratt, Gasparini and Trubin are the names that come to my mind that were able to beat Michael after the matches were stopped at some point. All four mentioned pullers are well rounded pullers with great endurance. They all could follow a defensive strategy against Michael till they gained the hand control and finished the matches with a quick shoulder press. I have been watching Pushkar for near 15 years and till today I did not see him performing this kind of strategy. Of course, he can pull side, in, out and even shoulder press but I don’t remember him applying a great combination of these styles within the same match. His pulling style is all about a powerful hit and if the match continues then followed by a constant pressure in one way.

Since the match’s result is most likely up to the start it is hard to predict to result because we need to gauge it by strength not by technical ability. I don’t know the exact strength of the athletes at the moment. Pushkar’s hit to end up at the pad or ending up 1-2 inches away from the pad will make huge difference. Pushkar maybe incredibily powerful to flash Michael 6 times in a row, or he may be able to do this only in early rounds, or he will not be able to flash Michael even on first round. In my opinion both athletes are better than the time that they have pulled a Vendetta years ago but I am guessing Pushkar’s improvement is more than Michael’s improvement since Pushkar was still pulling EAC and WAF at those years. I also remember these 2 powerful athletes pulling at Zloty Tur and Pushkar beating Michael quick but even though match was quick I kind of felt like right by the pad Michael has stopped Pushkar. So it seemed to me as following rounds would be more dangerous for Pushkar. Michael was not able to continue pulling healthy as he was injured (from his chest?) after that match. My guess is that if Michael was not hurt and if that would have been a Vendetta the score would be either tie or 4-2 for either of them. Of course, this is only my opinion from what I saw and felt when I watched them.

 As I mentioned before, I don’t know their current forms but if they are in the same forms that I saw them pulling last time I would guess the score 3-3 or 4-2 for Michael. I wish the best for both athletes as they are at the top of the world right now.

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