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Gabriela Vasconcelos: “My plan is to show much more strength” >>>

Gabriela Vasconcelos: “My plan is to show much more strength” # Armwrestling #

Last year Brazilian Gabriela Vasconcelos shown not her best at the Zloty Tur. What is she preparing for this time? ()

How last Worlds passed for you? Was it difficult to get golden double this time? How do you feel before the event?

– Last Worlds were great for me, I got to meet different strong women at the table and managed to get away with two golds again. I can't lie I was surprised to see Tatiana Trubina in both finals as she was in her first Worlds, but she did a great competition and deserved her silvers.

For me, to win was hard as always is, but I was well prepared and felt confident to do my best.

What are your plans for this Zloty Tur?

– My training for Zloty are going good. I’m trying to focus on my weaknesses and on my mind to be ready to perform much better than last year (which disappointed myself). My plan is to show much more control, strength and no room for wrong calls.

I will do my best to come back with a good position, aiming the first place! :) I can say Egle Vaitkute and Antonina Lissyanskaya are the best women in the class, so my focus is on them, but can’t forget all the other ones, who are truly strong and can be tough opponents anytime. Knowing most girls will be from 80 and 80+kg class, I can say anyone will be easy!

Can you say that you got stronger than last year?

– Last year we had worlds a month before Zloty, so when I came back from my vacation in Europe and got back training, I got an old injury in my right shoulder to bother me a lot, so I didn’t train as much or as hard as I should, had to take medicines and do physiotherapy to be able to at least keep training as I could.

This year, we have two months apart from each championship so I could prepare better my periodization for Zloty, hopefully will have a better outcome.

What women category will be interesting for you to watch?

– I’m thinking this year all women classes will be fun to watch, I see many more women saying will go, so the lever should be high. But the 65+ will get more attention, will be fun to pull and watch!

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