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Dmitry Silaev: "I did not think that I would lose to Ongarbaev" >>>

Dmitry Silaev: "I did not think that I would lose to Ongarbaev" # Armwrestling #

Recently in Kazakhstan Asian Armwrestling Cup was held. Dmitry Silaev shared his impressions of the tournament with us. ()

How did the Asian Cup go for you?

- I pulled first time at the Asian Cup and I really liked his organization. To all athletes the organizers treated respectfully, they met everyone. They arranged banquets, everything was at the highest level.

Did the road took a long time?

- I flew from Krasnoyarsk to Novosibirsk one hour and twenty minutes, from Novosibirsk to Almaty two and a half hours and from Almaty to Taraz about 4 hours by taxi.

Tell us about your performance, what conclusions did you draw?

- I was pleased with my performance, I came to rest and pull. Kydyrgali Ongarbaev pulled very well, he gained strength, I did not think that I would lose to him. He does not stand still and is constantly progressing, I wish him further progress.

How do you feel now? How are your hands? Will this fight affect your form before the Zloty Tur?

- I flew on Monday and I was very ill with the flu on the day of the Cup. I'm being treated to this day, I had no high temperature, now it's time to get well to Zloty Tur for a short period. My hands are fine, I pulled with no injury, this tournament does not prevent me from preparing for Zloty Tur.

How do you like Dmitry Trubin? Is the gain in the mass his advantage?

- Dmitry Trubin is now very strong, probably in his best form. The weight gain unambiguously is important in terms of physics, he became even more powerful. I want that on the forthcoming Vendetta Dima to collect all the laurels and I wish him to win the title and successfully defend him, I will support Dima with all my heart.

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