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Trubin – Chaffee: sportsmen about sportsmen >>>

Trubin – Chaffee: sportsmen about sportsmen # Armwrestling #

Nobody can predict the results of Vendetta's fights better than sportsmen who at one time fought with both rivals of the pair, and even more so – professional sportsmen. ()

The first for an expert review from colleagues we chose a pair of Dave Chaffee and Dmitry Trubin.

Michael Todd once pulled with both athletes, so he knows what to expect from each of them:

– Dave is one of the strongest armwrestlers I've pulled! Trubin is one of the smartest armwrestlers I've pulled! Dave has an incredibly strong hand. Trubin has long levers and is young and hungry!

Neither really have any weak points, but if I had to say Dave could improve his endurance and Dmitry could be more aggressive off the start.

Dmitry was more difficult for me because he was very patient and had equally as good of endurance as me. Honestly, I think Dave has a small strength advantage, but Dmitry is a more versatile puller.

In my opinion, if Dave can use his hand to control the match he has a very good chance to win, but If Dmitry can stop the matches and use his endurance to fatigue Dave, then he has equally as good of a chance to be victorious!

Denis Tsyplenkov, on the basis of his experience of pulling Chaffee and Trubin, also expressed his opinion on this matter:

- Dave Chaffey - Dmitry Trubin - this will be a serious and unpredictable fight. I will not even think about it, it will be a real power and the winner will be the hardest. Certainly, I will cheer for Dmitry and I’d like to give advice to a friend - to lose 5 kilograms and then he will have a great chance of winning.

As a result - 1: 1 from colleagues. Soon we will be able to know it on Vendetta All Stars!

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