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Janis Amolins: "Zloty Tur interests me no less than Vendetta" >>>

Janis Amolins: "Zloty Tur interests me no less than Vendetta" # Armwrestling #

Janis Amolins - the legendary sportsman with impressive experience of struggle - about Zloty Tur and Vendetta. ()

At the World Championships this year, you took the third place. How did you feel after the championship?

- The third place in the World Cup is not a bad achievement. Of course, if you have many times become the best in your weight category at the world level, then it makes you think.

For me, the main conclusion after the championship was that it was the right day, good motivation and preparation – and I can still fight with the best pullers and win.

 You pulled in WAL. Please, name 3 things that you like in WAL and Zloty Tur (PAL)?

- My main start this season was at the World Armwrestling League, where I became the third-time champion. And the World Championship was not even in my plans. A couple of weeks before the championship, I really wanted to fight, even though I felt physical and psychological fatigue, and the form was lost. But I wanted to feel the atmosphere of world arm-wrestling. Also, I will definitely come to the Zloty Tour, which I consider an arm-wrestling day to take part, albeit not as an athlete.

About WAL and PAL - these are two professional organizations and no need to compare them. Each has its own view of development, its plans and advantages. I think we need to thank more people who are behind them and develop our sport, who like arm wrestling. Zloty Tur is the fruit of many years of work, with which the guys have created a name, and now, I think, every serious arm wrestler sets a goal to become a champion there. I am very glad that I had the opportunity to be the champion of the Zloty Tur, and I do not doubt that I will once again fight here.

A few words about the pairs of Vendetta. Who do you think will win and why?

- To be honest, no less than in pairs of Vendetta, I'm interested in who will be the winner of the regular categories of the Zloty Tur.

Last year, in the categories of 70 kg, 78 kg, 95 kg, there were many shocking athletes, many surprises and intrigues until the very last moment.

In general, the forecasts and sports are not the most grateful thing, but I have my own point of view.

Babaev-Hutchings. If it was one duel, then I would bet on Rustam. He has a good start, he is a very strong, clever fighter, but Todd is an incredibly tough athlete, and he has already proved that he can fight well in this format in fights against Khadzhimurat Zoloyev, Krasimir Kostadinov. And if the fight will be long, then Hutchings has every chance to win it.

Pushkar against Todd. Pushkar is now perhaps the strongest, most powerful athlete in the world of armwrestling, and he would undoubtedly win against anybody else. But here - I do not know if Andrey's technical arsenal is enough to win Michael Todd. If the fight drags on, or in some position Michael can stop Andery, then I think that Pushkar will have almost no chance of winning.

Dmitry Trubin - Dave Chaffey. Dmitry is growing every year - in the results, and in kilograms, and I do not know what to expect from him, what abilities and opportunities. Dave Chaffey recently pulled with Travis Bagent and won on his left hand easily. So strong Dave, we haven’t seen for a long time (or never). If the winner's determination remains on the last rounds, I think we will see the advantage of the technical arsenal of Dmitry Trubin.

Bartosiewicz-Tiete. I successfully fought with both of these athletes and know them well. I think David will win at home. To be honest, this category is very interesting, and it would be more interesting for me to look at Betkili Oniani against Magzhan Shamiev or Vladislavs Krasovskis against Shynbolat Raihanov. Or if you need a Polish athlete - even Rafal Wozny against Tiete - it would be more interesting.

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