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Expert opinion by Jambul Vibliani >>>

Expert opinion by Jambul Vibliani # Armwrestling #

 Legendary Jambul Vibliani was going to pull at the Zloty Tur 2017, however, unfortunately, he does not manage to come to Poland. ()

But Jambul commented on the upcoming fights that will take place at Vendetta All Stars:

Gennady Kvikvinia - Tim Bresnan.

- Gennady will win Tim Bresnan. Tim, of course, is a good man, a good and experienced armwrestler, but I think that youth will play an important role in this fight, and it is Gennady who will be victorious.

Dmitry Trubin - Dave Chaffee.

- Dmitry Trubin will defeat Dave Chaffee. Dmitry significantly increased his muscle mass, which means he became even stronger. In addition, he is stubbornly preparing for this fight, I think that it will be Dmitry Trubin who will win.

Rustam Babayev - Todd Hutchings.

- First of all, it will be a very interesting fight.

Rustam Babayev is now in very good shape and he is seriously preparing for this Vendetta. The fight will be good and interesting, but I think that Rustam will win.

Michael Todd - Andrey Pushkar.

- Well, of course, Andrey Pushkar will win. I think that Andrey will take down Michael with just one move. Of course, we know what Michael Todd is capable of, that he can impose his uncomfortable technique on Andrey, and in that case everything will depend on Andrey's stamina. But I think that Andrey has enough strength and skill to do his job.

This is my opinion about the fights of the forthcoming Vendetta. I want to wish all the participants to pull without injuries and let the strongest win!

Will Jambul's forecast be correct? We'll find out very soon!

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