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Zloty Tur-2017: heavyweights # Armwrestling #

Zloty Tur-2017: heavyweights ()

In the 95 kg category there was one clear favorite - a multiple champion Yevgeny Prudnik from Ukraine. He confirmed expectations and easily dealt with all rivals - another gold in the Prudnik box. The second after Prudnik was Vadim Stetsiuk, who on his way defeated Kydyrgali Ongarbaev and other good rivals. It is noteworthy that Vadim stops for the third time in a step from gold.

On the right hand everything turned out unpredictably, Yevgeny Prudnik became only the seventh, losing to Ongarbaev and Dautashvili. In this category, one of the strongest athletes from the United States, Herman Stevens, pulled, and he was very worthy, eventually finishing third. But the best on this day was Kydyrgali Ongarbayev, he did not compete at the world championship but did not spend that time in vain. Kydyrgali easily defeated all and in the finals coped with Mikhail Rudakov from Ukraine.

Up to 105 kg gathered a very strong team. One of the strongest armwrestlers US Marcio Barboza came to try his hand, many were waiting for him and predicted him in prizes. But in the end, Marcio could only get to the fifth place. The main favorite was considered Krasimir Kostadinov, who had justified expectations, until he met with Georgy Khaspekov from Russia. Georgy won Krasimir and other rivals and reached the final without defeats. We thought that Krasimir, due to his experience, would find a way to win in the final fight, but Georgy scored an even more convincing victory, typing Krasimir's hand lightly into the pillow.

On the right Marcio Barboza also proved that European champions are too tough and he could not get close to the top three winners. The struggle for leadership was similar to the left hand, but Krasimir Kostadinov already dominated, he won Khaspekov in the final and became the first. Bronze was taken by the current world champion on the right hand in the category of up to 110 kg Artem Grishin from Russia.

Unexpectedly, the heaviest category has become one of the most numerous. At the presentation athletes, thanks to their size, just could not fit on the stage. There were a lot of good participants, but most of all we waited for the debut of Levan Saginashvili from Georgia, and this athlete did not disappoint us. Levan arrived in excellent shape and left no chance to anyone, according to the athlete himself, he went to compete with Andrey Pushkar and Dmitry Trubin on left hand, but the participants of the Vendetta did not participate in the Zloty Tur. The second and third place was taken by Siberian guys Vitaly Laletin and Dmitry Silaev. The guys fought well, but nobody could cope with Levan that day.

On the right hand the situation with the leader did not change, Levan Saginashvili was really stronger than all the order. The second and third place was taken by Alexander Yankovsky from Belarus and Alex Kurdecha from Poland. Alex's fights were remembered by the entertainment and vivid emotions; it was really interesting to watch. After a forced break Georgy Tsvetkov from Bulgaria returned to the performances. He, by the way, was the heaviest participant of the Zloty Tur. Experience and strength of Georgy helped him to show a good performance, but he stopped a step away from the prizes - 4th place.

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