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How it was: Vendetta All Stars, pt 1 >>>

How it was: Vendetta All Stars, pt 1 # Armwrestling #

Passions have already subsided after the magnificent series of armfights that took place in Poland on November 18-19, and we want to recall what this Vendetta was like. ()

It's no secret that the Zloty Tur tournament is a standard for the quality of arm wrestling tournaments. The bar of this tournament is extremely high, but every year Igor Mazurenko raises this bar even higher and makes the tournament even better, while competing only with himself. This quality was passed to the Vendetta event, which took place on the same stage after the Zloty Tur tournament.

Eduardo Tiete (Brazil) - Dawid Bartosiewicz (Poland)

This pair opened the Vendetta All Stars event. This fight has its own history, the athletes already met each other in armfight at the event Vendetta in Vegas in 2015 and then Eduardo dealt with Dawid with a score of 5: 1. Two years later, Dawid had a chance to take revenge, and do it on his native land in Poland. The athletes were in good shape and each of them was ready to win. Dawid showed a greater development in comparison with their first meeting, he was more diversified in technique and worked well both in attack and in defense. It was noticeable that physically Eduardo was stronger, but thanks to superiority in technique, Dawid was more often in winning positions. The tension in each round increased and perhaps because of this there were really a lot of fouls. There was only one clean victory in six rounds - in the fourth round, Dawid could quick start and press Eduardo's hand to the pillow.

Then everything went on in a similar scenario, Dawid attacked, Eduardo defended and both got fouls, and did not finish fights with clean victories. As a result, their fight ended with a score of 3-3 and it was the only draw on Vendetta.

Tim Bresnan (USA) - Gennady Kvikvinia (Georgia)

In this pair, many experts and fans gave Tim a little preference. We too considered the athlete from the USA to be the favorite, and there are reasons for that - Tim had not lost in the fights on the armfight system for a long time, he had defeated Prudnik, Kostadinov, Voevoda and Silaev - an impressive list, isn’t it? The first round was pretty informative, each of the athletes had the advantage, it was a protracted duel, but unfortunately, it ended with fouls, Tim won. In the second round, the situation was repeated, there was a long fight in straps, where Tim controlled the course of the fight, and Gennady tried different options and got fouls – it was Tim's second victory. Before Vendetta, in the review, we wrote that one of the advantages of Gennady is his universality, which he once again confirmed. The combination of strength, endurance, speed and variety of technical arsenal allowed Gennady to pick up the "key" to victory. In the third round, after the referee's grip, Gennady with dead wrist, lightly pressed Tim's hand to the pillow and takes the first victory. The subsequent three rounds were similar, Tim could not oppose the proposed by Gena fight and it ended with a score of 2:4. Gennady interrupted the winning streak of Tim Bresnan and thus puzzled PAL searching for a new rival for him.

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