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"I want a rematch", - Tim Bresnan >>>

"I want a rematch", - Tim Bresnan # Armwrestling #

It was very interesting Vendetta between Tim Bresnan and Genady Kvikvinia. What does American armwrestler think about his chances? ()

Tim, you found how to pull with Gennady but something went wrong. What do you think was not enough for you to win?

– I had no much trouble with control. But a year out of training left my side pressure lacking. I couldn’t get enough side pressure to finish. But had far too much back load for him to do much of anything.

It seemed you controlled every Gena's move except his speed. Is it true?

– I don’t think it was all his speed. I once again had not enough weight training.

It could seem to get locked in for the slip, to counter that move he used to beat me. Trust me, it won’t happen second time!

Let's imagine there is a choice - to have a rematch with Gena or pull with another rival. What would you choose?

– I want rematch. I lost because of myself, not because hу was better. First, I’d like to pull him, then his countryman, who won Zloty Tur, Levan Saginashvili. That’s what my Christmas wish and New Year’s wish for 2018. I am back at gym and I will be as powerful as I was when I pulled Voevoda!

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