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Daniel Procopciuc: "I could not properly defend against Talgat Aktaev" >>>

Daniel Procopciuc: "I could not properly defend against Talgat Aktaev" # Armwrestling #

Young Moldovan athlete about the fight at the Zloty Tur. ()

Daniel, you are the second time at the Zloty Tur and you have gold in the category, are you satisfied with your result? Assess your rivals, who was the most difficult for you?

- In fact, this year the category was more numerous than last year, and the number of applicants for prizes changed slightly. It was difficult for me to fight the legendary Engin Terzi, precisely because of his experience, he immediately beat me in the most uncomfortable vectors. It was just as difficult with Talgat Aktaev, he is a very strong and very fast athlete. I liked the fact that we had an honest power fight! On the left he was stronger, and on the right I managed to prove my advantage! I think that Mindaugas Tarasaitis could have performed better if he had had another draw, but he also seemed to me not sufficiently focused and not sufficiently determined. I also watched with interest for fights of Gleb Andriishin, who beat me at Worlds-2014. Gleb also pulled well.

What prevented you from winning in the finals and the super finals on your left hand?

- On the left hand, I lost the finale because I could not properly defend myself against the start of Talgat, he managed to win a better position and he stretched my joints. And with stretched joints I could not fight in the super-final.

Is the Zloty Tur already a regular tournament for you? Will you come next year?

- Yes, the Zloty Tur is in my schedule of competitions for 2018, because he helped me to win the title of the best athlete in Moldova in 2017! I really like this championship! Here everything is prepared for both athletes and the public, so I'm pulling with bestowal and with interest watch all other fights!

What do you think about the Vendetta show? Which couple do you remember most?

- Most of all I liked the fight between Andrey Pushkar and Michael Todd, he became the most intriguing and emotional duel, and even after the 5th round it was unpredictable, because no one could tell if Andrey could repeat the pressure with triceps.

What's your next start? Where will we see you?

- I would like to compete on Lotoshino, but there are some circumstances that can affect this. If it does not work out with Lotoshino, I will start my competitive year in the beginning of March at the national championship.

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