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Vazgen Sogoyan: "The top ten was equal in many parameters" >>>

Vazgen Sogoyan: "The top ten was equal in many parameters" # Armwrestling #

Vazgen Sogoyan showed good preparation and struggle at the Professional World Cup. What was not enough for an athlete to get into the top three? ()

You stopped a step from the medal. What do you feel about this?

- I finished in 4th place. I think this is a good result, considering that after the World championship there were only two months to take a rest and gain a new form for the Zloty Tur. I think that a little bit of sports success may not have been enough to win for me, and just the rival was a little bit better.

Who can you call the most difficult opponent?

- I was ready to compete with every opponent, but overall, I think that the top ten was equal in many parameters.

Are you satisfied, as a coach, with the result of Scot Mendelson?

- Scot Mendelson has pulled pretty well.

It was his first international tournament and like every athlete, his had “eyes opened”. He saw the level of world armwrestling, and today he better imagines the way that he must pass. The main thing, he went to Zloty Tur with a high fighting spirit and he also prepares for the next season in such mood.

What can you say about armfights? Which was the most interesting?

– All the armfights were beautiful, especially Todd vs Pushkar. I was right on the stage as a representative of the team and as a friend. Disappointment for fans from the United States was a duel between Babaev and Hutchings, where Rustam left no chance for Todd even for the slightest fight.

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