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Georgy Khaspekov: "I tried to win with minimal loss of power" >>>

Georgy Khaspekov: "I tried to win with minimal loss of power" # Armwrestling #

For the second time at the Zloty Tur, Georgy Khaspekov demonstrated an excellent result. ()

The second time on the Zloty Tur and already such an excellent result. Have you been preparing for this tournament for a long time?

- I was preparing for three months for the tournament and my form was quite well. Already at competitions I saw some shortcomings, but I am still satisfied with my performance. It's a pity that I could not pull in the open category because of an injury. So I will be there next year!

On the left hand, you just swept away all rivals, did at least someone resist?

- I was preparing mentally before every fight, the goal was not just to win, but to win with minimal loss of power. I pulled fast, I tried not to let my opponents fight in a comfortable way. I can not say that the rivals are weak, it would be fraught to relax.

On right hand only Krasimir Kostadinov could stop you. Do you already know where you need to add strength to overcome him?

- Krasimir is a strong athlete with well technique against the toproll. And as for the key for him - I think, at the next meeting the question will be in physical preparation, and not in tactics.

I think I have much to gain in many ways.

How do you like the tournament in general?

- Personally, I like Zloty Tur, not even for special effects and design, but for thoughtfulness in the details and convenience for athletes. Despite some of its drawbacks, the Zloty Tur at the moment has no alternative in the world in terms of organization and athletes. And I, of course, want to be there next year.

What about Vendetta? Which fights do you remember most?

- Armfights were exciting. Most interesting for me were the pairs of Andrey Pushkar - Michael Todd and Gennady Kvikinia - Tim Bresnan. I even liked the second duel more, it was interesting what Genady Kvikinia would come up with, I was almost sure what he would come up with something.

Would you like to try this format?

- I’d like to wrestle in armfight, this is a much more convenient format for me. Most of all I would like to "feel" athletes from the heavy category.

What's your next start?

- Now it is more likely to pull at "Lotoshino". The start was a big question because of injury, but now, it seems, the hand by that moment will be well!

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