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Michael Todd: “Pushkar is probably the most dangerous armwrestler now” >>>

Michael Todd: “Pushkar is probably the most dangerous armwrestler now” # Armwrestling #

Sometime after Vendetta Michael Todd shares his opinion about the fight with Andrey Pushkar. ()

Michael, how do you feel after Vendetta?

– I feel fine now, but it was a hard loss to take! Congratulations to Andrey!

What do you think was not enough for you to win?

– I felt that I needed to be as big as possible for this match, but now I think if I would have focused on my nutrition the last 8-12 weeks, I would have had a better performance!

You found a key how to pull Pushkar but did you expect Andrey to pull in triceps?

– Andrey pulled very smart, everything from the intentional elbow fouls to get the restart to choosing to give his wrist and press with triceps!!

What advice can you give to other armwrestlers in pulling with Pushkar?

– Andrey is the strongest armwrestler that I have ever pulled and with him adding a triceps press to his arsenal, he is probably the most dangerous armwrestler in the sport at the moment! Anyone who faces him needs to be very strong and able to stop his hit, but also have enough endurance to keep him from using his triceps press.

Who do you consider as your potential rival in next fights?

– I'm not really sure who I will compete against next. I have several tournaments that we plan to attend as a family. My primary focus is getting back into peak physical condition!

How do you like another pairs' results?

– Other than Pushkar, the 2 most impressive performances were Rustam and Dave! Both pullers looked in their best form!

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