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Levan Saginashvili: "I did not expect to see myself in such a good shape" >>>

Levan Saginashvili: "I did not expect to see myself in such a good shape" # Armwrestling #

Georgian strongman Levan Saginashvili about his performance at the Zloty Tur. ()

Levan, all waited long for your performance on the Zloty Tur and finally waited! Did you experience excitement before the tournament?

- Yes, all waited, and me too. If I say that I was not excited, then no one will believe. There is always excitement before the tournament. But I can not say that I worried more, before the World or European Championships.

You were just incredible and did not lose a single duel, did you feel somebody at all?

- Yes, I was in great shape. But I did not expect to see myself at that level. It was difficult in the first fight on the left hand with Vitaly Laletin, and then I turned on. I can not say that it was difficult physically, but psychologically – yes, in all fights.

How would you evaluate the tournament?

- The tournament was just super! Everything was at the highest level.

And the composition in my weight was insanely difficult. There was practically everybody possible, even those who had not taken part before.

Are you going to pull here next year?

- Yes, I will be pulling next year, but I can not say for sure if this tournament will become regular for me.

What do you think about Vendetta, did you like fights?

- All fights were very interesting and entertaining, I liked it.

How would you evaluate the fight of your friend Gennady Kvikvinis, did he do everything right?

- Gennady had learned his opponent, and during the fight he was able to find a weak spot and won worthily. He did everything so that you can write down in the textbook :)

On Vendetta there were 3 couples with heavyweights, if you had a chance to replace any of the participants, who would you replace and why?

- I think I could replace Dmitri Trubin. Because I do not really want to compete with Dave Chaffee!

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