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Imeda Chincharauli: professional debut >>>

Imeda Chincharauli: professional debut # Armwrestling #

Continuing a series of successful performances, Georgian athlete Imeda Chincharauli transferred his success to the professional table, having obtained the result of the World Championship on the right hand. ()

You participated at Zloty Tur for the first time, tell us about your impressions?

- Yes, I was the first time, and, frankly, I did not expect such a result. But I was well prepared after the World Championship and immediately began to train for the Zloty Tur. The competitions were of a high level.

Usually you pull in 60 kg class. Did you feel more comfortable in 63 kg class?

- For the Worlds I lost a lot - 10 kg, but after that I could not increase the weight, and for the Zloty Tur it almost didn’t change.

How do you like the opposition’s level? Where was it more difficult for you to pull here or at the Europeans or Worlds?

- For me, the highest level of competition was at the World Championships, it was difficult to pull there. At the Zloty Tur, too, there was a decent level, but I was well prepared and easily won. And I won on both hands so that I did not get a single foul.

Will the Zloty Tur be a regular tournament for you?

- I really liked the organization of the championship, and next year, if the university exams will allow, I'm going to come.

How do you like Vendetta? What can you say about duels?

- The Vendetta fights were very impressive. Most of all, of course, I liked the duel between Kvikvinia and Bresnan. Genadi and I trained together for the Zloty Tur. I was cheering for him and was very happy when he won.

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