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Todd Hutchings: “I know my force level was high” >>>

Todd Hutchings: “I know my force level was high” # Armwrestling #

Todd Hutchings agreed to pull at Vendetta with Rustam Babaev and that was great. But unfortunately we didn’t see a hard fight though we knew that it should be one of the most tough and unpredictable. What did interrupted Todd Hutchings to get at least one win? ()

Todd, how do you feel after Vendetta?

Initially I was disappointed, and surprised, mostly surprised. But I’ve lost before, I may even lose again. C’est la vie.

What do you think was not enough for you to win?

Rustam is a near perfect armfighter, I am not. Lots of things probably conspired to produce my loss.

You got an invitation for an armfight close to the event. Why did you decide to pull anyway?

Fighting with Rustam is a large honor, I would have taken it even if I had an event the previous day. Besides, any time is a good time to visit Poland.

Did you expect such a speed from Rustam? Can you say that he is much stronger?

Obviously not. Speed is a parameter of power and Rustam likely has significant more power than myself. I thought my power was sufficient, I know my force level was high. Rustam must think my power level is that of a tiny little baby girl with dirty diapers.

Taking into account the fact that Todd Hutchings accepted the invitation to fight at the last moment, we should notice that he deserves great respect. We are confident that the American armwrestler will be able to show decent results in conditions of full preparation for the Armfight! Hope to see him in a great shape soon!

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