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Marcio Barboza: “Feels like we need to finish a fight with Kostadinov” >>>

Marcio Barboza: “Feels like we need to finish a fight with Kostadinov” # Armwrestling #

American armwrestlwer Marcio Barboza about last year participation at the Zloty Tur. ()

Marcio, how do you like Zloty Tur?

– First, I want to thank Igor and all the Organizers or the brilliant team that made everything happen with such a professionalism.... I was impressed. Thanks for the hospitality too, I won't forget.

And yes, I loved being part of the Zloty Tur for the first time, it was a great experience.

Are you pleasured with your result?

– I am definitely not happy with my results, my right arm I never got pinned, lost on fouls, I felt that if I didn't do any mistake I could've made to final match in 105 kg.

My left arm isn't totally healed yet so, 5th place wasn't so bad this time…

Can you say that it is harder to pull in Europe? What is the difference between American and European armwrestling?

– Definitely harder to pull in Europe because, specially at Zloty Tur everybody is a top armwrestler in their respective country also, is permitted 4 athletes per country which becomes harder than WAF Worlds, so in North America is basically USA and Canada…

What can you say about your rivals? Who was the toughest?

– My rivals were world level top armwrestlers, very talented and experiment... Toughest opponent in 105 kg was Krasimir Kostadinov, feels like we still need to finish that fight…

Who surprised you the most?

– Nobody really surprised me there, I expected to be hard... What surprise me the most was the organization...

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