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Patryk Weterle: "I would like to train with Rustam!" >>>

Patryk Weterle: "I would like to train with Rustam!" # Armwrestling #

During the World Cup Zloty Tur-2017, Patryk watched Vendetta with Rustam Babayev and Todd Hutchings. He admires Rustam, but he also has a cup medal for para-armwrestling. ()

Let's start with the motto that appeared from our conversation: "A role model is not only the one who wins, but also one who becomes stronger after losing".

Patryk, back to your debut at the World Cup. Did you expect a medal?

Patryk Weterle: I definitely did not expect a medal, because a month before the start I left the hospital after the surgery. And it turned out! I became the third on left hand in 60 kg and the fifth on the right.

How would you describe the world of armwrestling?

Patryk Weterle: I will quote my friend and coach Artur Głowiński: "We create ourselves, and we must share positive energy!" For me, in particular, armwrestling is rehabilitation, sports life, emotions and spirit!

What are your impressions of Rumia, Zloty Tur-2017?

Patryk Weterle: This is the highest-class tournament in the world, a cherry on the cake of the sport! And the fight of Rustam against Todd was a great sight. I admire Rustam and his fights. Now I could see it live and feel these emotions on my own skin. My dream is to at least once train with Rustam.

Tell us something about yourself:

Patryk Weterle: I was born on September 3, 1992. In the small town of Choszczno, located in the north-west of the country. In 2011 I graduated from secondary school in Choszczno. I met Anna and Artur Głowiński...

And what did you do before Artur offered to train?

Patryk Weterle: I spent a lot of time playing computer games.

Now Anya and Artur are for you ...

Patryk Weterle: At first I knew Artur only as a coach. Now they are both my friends. This is good and bad. Artur really feels like the second dad. He always finds solutions for any problems. Thank to him very much for this!

We join this gratitude. At every competition we can see that you are a team and a family! Say something else about your professional success?

Patryk Weterle: On June 30, 2017, after the exam, I was awarded the AMS-ACADEMY OF SPORTING CHAMPIONSHIPS. It was the happiest day of my life!

Who is your example among the players?

Patryk Weterle: My coach Artur Głowiński. I say it not because to earn a point! He is an example for me because: "An example is not only the one who wins, but also one who becomes stronger after losing". A sportsman is not only about training or tournaments, a sportsman is all life. As we behave among other people - with respect and kindness - it comes back to us even greater and gives us 120% motivation, and, of course, we will always hear pleasant words from people close to us.

Do you have a favorite music?

Patryk Weterle: I do not have a favorite genre. In training, this is more of a song that motivates me to train, and before the start of the competition heavy music motivates me.

Where did your nickname "Zwierzak" (Little Animal) come from?

Patryk Weterle: Arthur called me that after training, but no one remembers it.

Patryk, thank you for the interview and I'll see you at the next competition!

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