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5 most read articles of 2017 >>>

5 most read articles of 2017 # Armwrestling #

What interested the readers most of all last year? ()

1. In the middle of the year the whole world of armwrestling stirred up the statement of Devon Larratt: "I want to pull with Denis Tsyplenkov"! The comment of Denis attracted the attention of the readers.

2. Everybody was happy to see Michael Todd at the Supermatch in Italy last year. And everybody thought it would be easy for him to pull Ermes Gasparini. Except Michael, who didn’t expect Ermes to be so strong.

3. Of course, it is important for each athlete to know who will be among his rivals, as well as who will not be able to pull in the next few years. The results of the doping control of the 2016 World Championship in Bulgaria became one of the most important topics last year.

4. Serious plans of Oleg Zhokh, who was going to focus on his right hand, seriously interested readers.

5. It was very hard to pick up a good opponent for Rustam Babaev to pull at the Vendetta. Candidates had changed several times! But the final decision was Todd Hutchings instead of Hadzhimurat Zoloev!

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