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Alex Kurdecha: "We need to love sports!" >>>

Alex Kurdecha: "We need to love sports!" # Armwrestling #

March 3, 2018 in Italy will take place the traditional tournament XIII Supermatch Italy. In addition, there will be Vendetta armfights. In one of them will fight Alex Kurdecha, his rival will be Manuel Battaglia. ()

Alex, we already know that you are doing American football. How do you combine armwrestler training with football?

A.K. There are two completely different spheres of sport, so they are difficult to combine. But at the same time I like both armwrestling and American football. In armwrestling, first of all, the strength of hands is important, and for the player, general preparation, training of jerks and jerks and correct technique of their execution are necessary. General physical training is very important in both sports, but talking about special preparation for an event, if I prepare for something, then I pay less attention to the other.

This year, you pulled at the Zloty Tur and achieved impressive success, winning the bronze medal on the right hand, after many fights. How do you like this competition?

A.K. The Professional World Cup in armwrestling is a competition at the highest level, the opportunity to be there already shows a high level of preparation. I am very happy and proud that I could represent Poland at this tournament! In 2017, 23 participants took part in the heavyweight category, which is a record number. Many athletes in this category pulled at the World and European championships. When I saw the starting list, I realized that there would be a "hardcore armwrestling". The fight was hard and exciting! At the moment when I realized that I could achieve my goal and win a medal among the strongest in the world, I was overjoyed.

In addition to the Zloty Tur, you also achieved success at the Polish Cup, where you became the strongest in the category 105+ and OPEN.

Does this mean that this year you had the best form, or can you be stronger?

A.K. The Polish Cup was very interesting and difficult, and I think that this championship was at a very high level in terms of organization. As for my form at the Polish Cup, I do not think that it is the best, so I did not even expect that everything will be fine. I improved my technique, but I still have much to do and much to learn. And, of course, I can still earn strength.

What do you think about the Vendetta this year? You have the opportunity to pull there, with whom would you like to meet?

A.K. - I will say that it was very interesting to watch Vendetta live, the rivals were very well chosen and presented at the highest level. The opportunity to participate in the Vendetta is a great honor for the athlete. On such fights, opponents of the same strength are always chosen, so that the battle is unpredictable and interesting. I would gladly take part in the armfight, and when it comes to choosing my opponent, I would trust the organizers in this matter.

Tell us what you like about this sport, and to whom do you owe your success?

A. K In this sport, in armwrestling, I really like the community. At the table opponents fight like lions, and outside they are the best friends. The enemy at the table and a friend at the table! My victories are not only my successes, but also the successes of my coach, my team and the people who support me. And I really love them all, but I am very grateful for these wonderful moments in my life!

Thank you for conversation!

A.K. - Many thanks to all who read this interview to the end! I wish you victories, happiness, love and sport!

Paweł Gawenda

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