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Placido Marco Gioco: “This Vendetta motivates me to improve” >>>

Placido Marco Gioco: “This Vendetta motivates me to improve” # Armwrestling #

One of the strongest Italian sportsmen, Placido Marco Gioco, will represent his country team at the fight with Bulgarian athlete Plamen Dimitrov. ()

Tell us about yourself? Why did you choose armwrestling?

– My passion for armwrestling started when I was child thanks to my grandfather; over time I discovered my skills and started practicing armwrestling as a real sport. In 2010 I got acquainted with the Italian Federation and participated in my first competition.

Tell us about your training and preparation to the tournament? What are you going to oppose to your opponent?

– I am training my body and my mind.

The opportunity of this Vendetta gives me a biggest motivation to train and to have a better lifestyle. I am trying to use better my time because I want to take a good physical shape. I believe to have not good chances to win, my opponent is a leader in his class but I will do my best on the table. This Vendetta is a good motivation for improve myself as sportsman.

 What do you think about the other Vendetta fight? Who will win?

– I don't want to say anything about predictions but I know that the Italian competitors can have chances to win!


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