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Lotoshino-2018 # Armwrestling #

Last weekend in Russia there was an open championship in memory of Vitaly Sorokin. ()

Last weekend in Russia, in Lotoshino, Moscow region, an open arm wrestling tournament in memory of Vitaly Sorokin took place. The organizers did not make efforts to highlight the tournament, so there is very little information about it. We will try to tell you about the tournament, using the information, given by sportmen.

The main feature of the tournament was an impressive prize fund and thanks to this a very strong team of participants gathered there. The event was held for two days (separately left and right hands) and the athletes were awarded on the summary result.

In the category of up to 60 kg Roman Tserekaev turned out to be the strongest, he won the category on the left and on the right hand.

In the category of up to 70 kg, Oleg Cherkasov did not leave any chances to his rivals, it was clear that Oleg was ten times stronger than any of his rivals both hands, and Oleg showed a great fight in the open weight class.

In 80 kg class there was good competition - Vadim Akperov, Timur Mammadov, Maxim Filippov and others. On the left hand, as was expected, Oleg Zhokh won easily. On the right hand, the fight for medals was more unpredictable. It is worth mentioning the athlete from Armenia Emil Amirshadyan who went to fight in the category with a weight of 72-73 kg. On the left hand, Emil became the third, the first on the right, in the course of the pulling he defeated Vadim Akperov, Vladimir Mayorov and other strong guys.

In the category of up to 90 kg the legendary Rustam Babaev, who was the first on both hands, pulled. But all traditionally waited for pulling in open class from Rustam.

Also the category up to 100 kg became interesting and very competitive. Evgenii Prudnik, Georgy Khaspekov, Alan Makeev, Roman Filippov and other athletes pulled for medals. On the left hand Prudnik was the strongest, Khaspekov – on the right. In total the first place was taken by Evgeniy Prudnik.

In the plus class everyone was waiting for an easy victory from Dmitry Silaev. On the left hand he became the first, and on the right third, in total Silaev was first.

Very interesting was the fight in the open weight class. Very good results on the left hand was shown by Evgenii Prudnik, who won all his rivals, except for Oleg Zhokh. Rustam Babaev stopped at a step from the pedestal - 4th place on thr left hand. The final prize six on the left hand: Oleg Zhokh, Evgenii Prudnik, Mikhail Shevtsov, Rustam Babaev, Dmitry Silaev, Victor Kozhushko.

In the open on the right hand there was also a lot of interesting. Oleg Cherkasov with a weight of 70 kg was able to defeat his heavier rivals, including the famous Roman Filippov. Georgy Khaspekov was very good, and he was one of the contenders for gold. But Rustam Babayev became unreachable for all, and he became the winner on the right hand. The final prize six of the right hand open: Rustam Babaev, Dmitry Silaev, Georgy Khaspekov, Mikhail Rudakov, Oleg Cherkasov, Roman Ryabtsev.

Ladies pulled in two weight classes: 60 kg and +60 kg. In the 60 kg category Ekaterina Afonina won. Unfortunately, we could not find the results of the struggle of Ladies +60 kg.

We thank athletes for their activity in social networks, thanks to which it was possible to get information about the results of the tournament.


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