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Plamen Dimitrov: “I am triyng to improve myself” >>>

Plamen Dimitrov: “I am triyng to improve myself” # Armwrestling #

Well-known Bulgarian athlete will show his best at the Supermatch in Italy vs Placido Marco Gioco. ()

In what form are you now?  Did you have some rest after the Zloty Tur or started training immediately?

Now my form is like the rest of the year. I don't have big "ups" and "downs", but after all we will see this at the competition. After Zloty Tur, like after every other competition, I have a rest period of couple of days but I don't take an offseason rest because of the many competitions I am willing to participate at althought it would have been good to have a complete rest period.

Will a Supermatch be the first competition for you in the new season?

– Yes this will be my first competition for the year.

Do you do a special training for an Armfight with an Italian athlete? Or do you think that you can win without intensive training?

– I don't train special for somebody, in general I am trying to improve myself and my style.

How do you rate your chances?

– It is hard to rate anything, even my chances, after all this is armwrestling. I guess we will all see it at the day of the event.

What do you think about the other matches of Vendetta?

– I am happy to see different nations, competitors and armwrestling styles. It would be very interesting to see all of the Vendettas. I wish good luck to everybody!


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