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Angelo Varchetta: Work harder for Vendetta >>>

Angelo Varchetta: Work harder for Vendetta # Armwrestling #

Italian armwrestler Angelo Varchetta will meet Croatian athlete Victor Sovic at the Vendetta supermatch in Italy. ()

- Tell us about yourself and your story. How did you come to armwrestling? Why chose this sport?

I did sport since I was a child. At 18 years old I started to go to gym and do powerlifting with good results. In 2010 I met an Italian armwrestler, Franco Capra, at that time one of the strongest of the 60 kg category. He invited me to an amateur tournament and I won! From that moment my training was focused only for armwrestling, I started to compete at national tournaments and I got acquainted with the SBFI (the current Italian federation) and the president Claudio Rizza.

Now armwrestling is my life, I can't give up. I always study techniques, competitors and their legends.

- Tell us about your training and preparation to the tournament? What are you going to oppose to your opponent?

As I known of this Vendetta I increase my gym training from 3-4 to 5-6 days for week. In the meantime I'm studying my opponent to realize how to attack him and how I should defense myself. To brace my weakness I have increase also the training at the table with my training partner.

- What do you think about the other Vendettas - who will be the winner?

In my opinion, the big Manuel "Roccia" Battaglia should win 4-1 or 3-2. Instead, and I'm very disappointed about that, Plamen Dimitrov is too strong for my friend Gioco Placido, but of course I hope to be wrong.

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