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At the finish line: Manuel Battaglia >>>

At the finish line: Manuel Battaglia # Armwrestling #

Very soon in Italy there will be a traditional tournament XIII Supermatch, in which six athletes will meet in armfight. Preparation for the fight is already at the finish line. What can prevent Manuel Battaglia, who will fight Alex Kurdecha, to take the champion title in their armfight? ()

Are you satisfied with your training process?

– I'm pretty happy about my training, even if this week I was sick due flu and I have also pain in the elbow a bit.

Do you think there was enough time to prepare?

– If I had more time I could better treat the pain in the elbow.

What do you think, what methods will your opponent use against you?

– My opponent is a sportsman and he train all year long, so he will be very strong, doesn’t matter what he will use.

What do you want to wish to other participants of Supermatch and Vendetta?

– This Super Match will be very hard for the competitors and the level will be very high.  About Italian athletes, I expect they prove themselves in the tournament as well as in the Vendetta.

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