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At the finish line: Alex Kurdecha >>>

At the finish line: Alex Kurdecha # Armwrestling #

Alex Kurdecha, the armwrestler from Poland, will meet at the next weekend in armfight with the Italian Manuel Battaglia. What does Alex expect from the fight? ()

Alex, are you satisfied with your preparation?

– Greetings to all! I am pleased to have the opportunity to participate in the Supermatch Vendetta in Italy! In 2017 my training allowed to get the result which absolutely satisfies me. Now the preparation is going according to my plan, I try to add to the results of the previous year.

Did everything turn out as planned?

– I think I’ve managed to achieve a certain result, but March 3 night will tell for sure whether my training was productive.

Do you think that there was enough time for preparation?

– I think that the organizers of the tournament gave athletes enough time for preparation.

I think that all will be well prepared and will show a good form and interesting fights.

If there was an opportunity - what else would you add to the training process?

– You can improve training endlessly - add something, try something new. There is no limit of perfection!

 What do you think, what methods / techniques will your opponent use against you?

– Manuel will pull in his territory, this is both a great honor and a great responsibility. He is a big and strong athlete. I am sure that he was very well prepared and analyzed all the options for the fight. I think he will pull top-roll.

What do you wish to the participants of the Supermatch and Vendetta?

– I wish them high morale, excellent form, exciting fights and great atmosphere of the Supermatch! I wish them a lot of sports, love and happiness!

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