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At the finish line: Viktorio Sovic >>>

At the finish line: Viktorio Sovic # Armwrestling #

Another participant of the upcoming armfight in Brescia, Italy is the Croatian athlete Viktorio Sovic. Will he be able to show a good fight on Vendetta? ()

Are you satisfied with your preparation? Did everything turn out as planned?

 I’m happy how my training is going, everything is going as planned.

Do you think there was enough time for you to prepare?

My team is working with me a lot but I wouldn’t mind another month to train.

If there was an opportunity - what else would you add to the training process?

I wouldn’t add anything because I think I’m doing a good job at getting ready for the match.

What do you think, what methods / techniques will your opponent use against you?

I think he would attack me with top-roll because most of Italian armwrestlers use that technique and they are very good at it.

What would you wish to the participants of the Supermatch and Vendetta?

I wish everyone good luck with a lot of success and with no injuries.


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