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At the finish line: Angelo Varchetta >>>

At the finish line: Angelo Varchetta # Armwrestling #

The last but not least puller of the upcoming Vendetta in Italy - Angelo Varchetta - about his preparation for the armfight. ()

Angelo, did everything turn out as planned with your preparation?

What can I say...I'm not completely happy about my training because due to the job I cannot focused on my training at all and unfortunately something goes wrong.

 Do you think that there was enough time for preparation?

 I think that time to prepare my Vendetta was enough but, as I said before, I could not use it as I had planned.

What do you think, what methods will your opponent use against you?

I'm going to challenge a good athlete with good strength and good technique.

What do you wish to the participants of the Supermatch and Vendetta?

 I expect everybody give 100% to take victory home and... let the best win!

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