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Svetlana Tataru: the first woman referee from Moldova >>>

Svetlana Tataru: the first woman referee from Moldova # Armwrestling #

At the national championship of Romania, the Moldavian referee Svetlana Tataru won her first title and the title of the best referee of the championship. Svetlana shares her emotions and plans. ()

 How do you feel after the Romanian Nationals? That was not the first Nationals for you?

– I still feel impressed by the Romanian National Championship. It was a very high level of organization and I got a lot of experience!  Last year I have been at their nationals for the first time and after it I became the first woman-referee from Moldova. I got my first official referee T-shirt and strap and this feeling was indescribable. I am very thankful to Alexandru and Mihail Grumeza who invited me to be part of this sport and to explore the both sides of armwrestling: as a competitor and as a referee. 

What do you think about this tournament -  the one of the biggest Nationals in Europe? 

– As I have already told to the WAF General Secretary Mircea Simionescu-Simicel, if you want to referee at the World or European Championship you should try Romanian Nationals first. It is because there are a lot of participants, a lot of categories, and of course, great referees like Dragos Corcoveanu, Eduard Dimian, Tiberiu Mihalcea, Deniz Ibram who can teach you a lot of things.

But the greatest experience for me was the meeting with David Shead - European Armwrestling Federation Head Referee who shared his experience, gave a lot of tips, showed his way of putting the strap and briefed us about what we have done right or wrong after the matches! It is critically important for a referee to analyze possible mistakes to be professional at the table. A referee decision can sometimes change a life, can make you a champion or push you down the ladder! And this is a very sensitive territory!

You were recognized as "The Best Referee" of the Romanian Nationals. How did it happen?

– It was a very, very big surprise for me! Really! I did not expect it. At all. This title was established in Romania in memory of Victor Barbu, one of the first Romanian Master referee. And this is a very special title. Now I feel a great responsibility and understand that I should constantly prove that I deserve it! This title was awarded also to Mihail Grumeza (who was the first armwrestling referee in Moldova) some years ago and for our little country it means a lot!

What are your plans for the next months?

– Europeans!!! I really want to go and referee there to get some experience and then share it with my colleagues from Moldova! David Shead said that he will make an official invitation for our country and I am „Ready? Go” for it! 

Also I have chance to participate in Europeans as a competitor. This year I became a double National Champion of Moldova in my weight category and took the second place in Women Open International in Romania last weekend.  But still I know that I have to work a lot for it!

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