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Rustam Babayev: "Armfight is comfortable if you pull in your category" >>>

Rustam Babayev: "Armfight is comfortable if you pull in your category" # Armwrestling #

Rustam Babaev is one of the potential participants in the anniversary Vendetta All Stars # 50. Who does Rustam see among his rivals? What does he think about other pairs of armfight? ()

Rustam, how do you like the armfight format? Is this a comfortable format for you?

- Armfight for me today is a more convenient kind of fight, especially if I’d pull in my weight class. I do not know what will happen in fights with heavyweights. I don’t have any experience specifically in armfight yet.

Do you think the experience of performances in armfights gives an advantage in other fights?

- Of course, any experience has its value. The athlete understands how it looks, and knows in more detail what is being prepared. And this is a considerable advantage.

What armfight would you like to see?

- It would be interesting to see the struggle of Dave Chaffee with Andrey Pushkar. Only provided good forms for both. Dave has a high hand, good lateral movement. Since then, when he lost to Andrey, I think he added well. That's interesting.

And with whom would you like to pull in armfight. Why are they interesting?

- In my weight this is Sasho Andreev and Khadjimurat Zoloev. With Sasho I have never met, and he is young and shows a good result. Khadji is strong and hardy. If I take heavy categories, I can pull with all the rest!

Will the organizers of Vendetta listen to Rustam or pick up his opponent on other parameters? We will learn this very soon. Follow the news!

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