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Levan Saginashvili: "I’m ready to fight with any opponent" >>>

Levan Saginashvili: "I’m ready to fight with any opponent" # Armwrestling #

Many believe that it is high time for Levan Saginashvili to give a chance to prove himself in six-round fights at a professional table. How does Levan see his struggle? Who is the right opponent for him? ()

Levan, what do you think about the format of armfight? Is this a comfortable for you?

- I think that armfight is a great chance to find out who is stronger in reality. Yes, for me this format is well suited, because during the meeting you can make some mistakes, and then fix them. In regular tournaments it is almost impossible.

Do you think the experience of pulling in armfights gives an advantage in next fights?

- Of course, the experience in armfights gives an advantage, because an athlete who already has experience in this type of fights knows how to prepare, he is aware of all the nuances of this format.

What armfight would you like to see? Why?

- I would like to see the fight between Andry Pushkar and Devon Larratt, I think that it will be interesting. The last time they met, Larratt won very easily, and now, I think, everything will be different.

Name three potential rivals in armfight for yourself.

- On left hand Denis Tsyplenkov, Andrey Pushkar and Devon Larratt would be exciting for me, I would be glad to pull with them, because for me it's interesting. On the right, to be honest, I do not care who to pull, I'm ready to meet anyone - Dave Chaffee, Dmitry Trubin, Andrey Pushkar. Ready to fight with any opponent.

We are sure that Levan got a worthy opponent for the fight at Vendetta All Stars # 50 and their fight will be one of the most interesting in this championship. We invite you to follow the news and be aware of all the changes!

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