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Dmitry Trubin: "I would like to see the fight between Babaev and Zhokh" >>>

Dmitry Trubin: "I would like to see the fight between Babaev and Zhokh" # Armwrestling #

Dmitry Trubin will pull at the anniversary Vendetta. Whom does he see among his rivals? ()

What do you think about the format of armfight? Is this a comfortable format for you? Why?

- Armfight is both a convenient and inconvenient format for the fight.

Pros are in that the athlete makes training for a specific opponent, whom he knows in advance, and, so to speak, adjusts all his characteristics to the opponent, takes into account his weaknesses and weaknesses of the opponent. In the process of preparation, he develops exactly those qualities that will help in the fight with this athlete. The contras of such a system are a small time interval between rounds, a minute of a break is not enough. It happens that the athlete simply does not have time to catch his breath and restore strength to the next round. I believe that it would be possible to slightly increase the time for rest between rounds.

Personally, I like the Armfight system, professionals pull in this format, they know how to prepare to such a fight and how to pull.

Do you think the experience of performances in armfights gives an advantage in next fights?

- Any experience is beneficial and gives an advantage in the future. Therefore, the experience of pullling in armfight is not an exception. With each armfight you come to fight with a new base of knowledge and skills, so the experience of armfights clearly gives an advantage, and this must be taken into account.

What armfight would you like to see?

- All armfights are interesting and spectacular. But it would be interesting to see the duel between Rustam Babaev and Oleg Zhokh. Knowing Rustam, how he can prepare for an opponent, and how Oleg is constantly progressing, I think it would be an interesting and competitive meeting.

Name three potential rivals in armfight for yourself.

- Of course, first of all, I would like to fight again with Dave Chaffee. Also, I would like to compete with Denis Tsyplenkov and Devon Larratt, these rivals are very interesting for me.

We are confident that Dmitry will take into account all the moments and experience of the previous battles in preparation for the forthcoming armiff, and we will see a serious fight.

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