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Meet the Vendetta All Stars - Armfight #50 >>>

Meet the Vendetta All Stars - Armfight #50 # Armwrestling #

How were the couples for Vendetta All Stars - Armfight # 50 selected? Who will we see among the contenders for the victory? Igor Mazurenko shares the plans of the project. ()

PAL already has sufficient experience in professional tournaments.

Last year we made a kind of experiment. Before that, we worked in Las Vegas, organizing events there, and the last such event was Vendetta All Stars. That Vendetta gathered famous sportsmen: Denis Tsyplenkov, Andrey Pushkar, Dmitry Trubin, Tim Bresnan and others. The same stellar experiment was decided to be made in Poland last year, and it was a success.

The spectators were very pleased, the results also pleased all the arm-wrestling lovers, so this year we decided to hold such an event more vividly, without stopping and not limiting ourselves to the number of competing pairs. To date, already had previously agreed to six pairs, negotiations are being held about the seventh - it must be a fight for the title of European champion in women class.

The date was chosen not by chance - as in the past year Vendetta will be held during the Professional World Cup "Zloty Tur".

As for the participants, the pairs were selected very carefully.

For example, the first pair - Denis Tsyplenkov and Devon Larratt.

This fight has been waiting for a long time. Over the past few years, we have often seen a variety of videos and predictions - who is who.

Denis Tsyplenkov did not perform for a long time, but nevertheless decided to fight with Devon and prove that he is stronger. Denis pulled at the Zloty Tur, but did not win titles in the armfights. In 2009, in a fight with John Brzenk Denis lost, he was hard to adapt. In 2016, to fight with Michael Todd Denis stayed in US a little longer, he went through the process of adaptation and managed to win 4-2.

Devon also had a difficult path to this fight, he had to heal injuries on both hands, and if the right one is not yet fully restored, then he is ready to pull left-handed, 100%.

It will be a struggle of pure strength, a struggle of endurance and cunning. In 2012, in a duel between Larratt and Pushkar, Andrey in the first round managed to seal the rival's hand to the pillow. Devon realized that it would not work so hard and all the next bouts were over Larratt. Will there be a similar scenario, and this time with Denis Tsyplenkov? We'll find out in November.


To be continued...

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