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Meet the Vendetta All Stars - Armfight #50, p.2 >>>

Meet the Vendetta All Stars - Armfight #50, p.2 # Armwrestling #

How were the couples for Vendetta All Stars - Armfight # 50 selected? Who will we see among the contenders for the victory? Igor Mazurenko shares the plans of the project. ()

Another pair of rivals - Andrey Pushkar and Denis Tsyplenkov, who will pull on the right hand for the world champion title.

Opposition Pushkar- Tsyplenkov has become almost classic. We've seen their fights before, both in tournaments and in armfight. Their armfight took place in 2006, and then with a significant advantage the victory Denis’. Further Andrey gained, gave a serious fight to Denis, but it was not armfight. Therefore, this duel is no less epic than the first one.

If Denis Tsyplenkov wins both Larratt and Pushkar, he will become the owner of two belts at once.

The third duel on the starry Vendetta - a fight between Tim Bresnan and Rustam Babaev. After Rustam's successful fight with Todd Hutchings, where Todd practically did not show any resistance, we realized that Rustam is a top-class athlete who, even after a two-year break, returned very successfully. We decided to offer him a fight with Tim Bresnan, who at one time surprised us, cold-bloodedly dealing with Alexei Voevoda and Dmitry Silaev. We expect to see the most difficult struggle between the two hooks on the jubilee armfight.

Another fight - a meeting between Dave Chaffee and Gennady Kvikvinia. Many experts do not consider this duel serious, thinking that Dave will smash Gennady on the table, and he has not the slightest chance of winning.

But I think that during the preparatory period anything can happen, and Gennady is a very clever and experienced fighter, he is able to change his style right during the fight, very hardy. I'm sure that there will not be a dry result in this fight. Opponents are at the same weight, their forces are approximately equal. Next, Dave will fight with the loser of Pushkar-Tsyplenkov, and Gennady, most likely, will meet with Dmitry Trubin.

The next fight is between Dmitry Trubin and Levan Saginashvili. There are opinions that this duel is unequal. Last time Dmitry was not lucky because of injuries, but he can very well let me see the fight and both sportsmen will show a serious and stubborn struggle. The winner of this pair will get a chance to fight for the title of intercontinental champion.

Sixth is scheduled for a duel on the left hand between Vitali Laletin and Oleg Zhokh. Zhokh had already pulled at a professional table with Christian Binnie, he has no equal an the World Cup in his category, and in open class he often took prize money. Vitaly Laletin will make his debut in a six-round match. Earlier he won Oleg by fouls. Both sportsmen are top-rollers, so duel will be spectacular.

We are confident that planned fights will please even the most fastidious spectator, and among other things, find out who is the strongest armwrestler in the world of professionals.

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